Ghalia & Mama's Boys (Let the Demons Out - Ruf Records - 2017 - Producer / Bass Credits), Johnny Mastro & Mama’s Boys (Never Trust The Living – Indie), Popa Chubby (Hit The High Hard One – Dixie Frog), The Caesar Brothers (A Place Called New Orleans – Indie), Sugarpie & The Candymen (Swing & Roll / Waiting For the One – Irma Records), The HEALERS!, feat: Thomas Buck-Nasty (New York City – Townsend AU), Major Domo (Music For People – Wedge Music), Wood (Columbia), Switzerland Rocks (Self-titled – Indie), Mother (Self-titled – Atomic Pop), Angie Screams (Self-titled – Indie), Carolynn Black & The Blues (Living in a Ball Factory – Bass / Co-production Credit – Indie)